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released June 6, 2011



all rights reserved


Home Movies Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: Throw Momma
I felt good with so little but then I worried too much.
Everything was busy breaking down when I ended up in dutch.
Forty thousand desperados and all I get is a crooked crutch.

If only we’d all live a lifetime before letting it all go.
Good things just sail on by, the bad just moves so slow.
People try to dog me round but I just let them go.
They’ve got there heads on backwards but how were they to know.

Inside this haunted house of love my hair it stands on end.
Take me out across the water where we can at least be friends.
Sometimes it don’t come easy, sometimes it don’t come at all.
I love watching myself trip just before I take a fall.


“Sha-na-na-na-na - Sha-na-na-na-na.”


I know you’ve got the touch babe, but you know you touch too much.
Come on and pick up your momma, throw her from this train.
Track Name: Prom Safari
Out you walking on a Sunday.
Me out walking on a sunny afternoon.
Oh Boy, collision park cartoon.
Saw you cutting up your wrists.
Thought about cutting up my wrists too.
Oh no, only after you.

I’ve got no clothes on you fuckin Bozo.
Have you got problems?
You know, I don’t know.

Cutting grass in my front yard.
After lunch I’ll do the back yard too.
Oh boy, another pisspipe afternoon.
Tasting life on the outside.
Wasting life on the inside too.
Oh no, the Doctor prescribed the zoo.

Uh, ohh!

Flies keep buzzing around my head.
Spiders dancing at the foot of my bed.
Oh no, can I crawl back into the womb?
Track Name: Knob Jive
So if you take up those pliers we can wrench it right out of a sweet dream.
Does your mind flirt with Venus or is it trapped 'tween the lips – inside the mouth of a sweet dream?

Sweet dream of a,
Sweet dream, lover.

Make up your mind – lipstick the inside.
Track Name: Speedoo Skidoo
All I ever wanted was to find a girl that looks like you.
All I ever hope for is to love a girl that looks just like you.
And I laughed (x3) because I thought you were laughing too.

All I ever dream of is sheep counting me jumping over you.
All I ever wish for is birthday candles burning in the shape of you.
And I cry (x3) because ffeJ says dumpy ain't a big enough a word for you.


All I ever wanted is a girl that makes a mess just like you.
All I ever needed is a heart that came labeled do not remove.
And I curse (x3) that your as silly cute as a cartoon.

Track Name: Macaroni Beefpipe
You said that you would never fade away.
Followings’ just never been my way.
You said you wouldn’t ever fall apart.
You shouldn’t try to mend a broken heart.

But now you told me when you sold me that you’d never unfold me and you’d never own me.

Allowed to watch you bathe from out in the cold.
And as you steal my heart my chest explodes.
My brain lays in a cradle that’s about to break.
You always try to scare me by the love you make.

You sold me when you told me that I’d always be the lonely one and that you’d never own me.