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released January 27, 2015

Michael E. Milosh
voice, guitar
Dagmar Werth
Peter Shurtleff
voice, bass



all rights reserved


Home Movies Toronto, Ontario

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Track Name: <3
Under yer eye lids,

You don’t have to be hip.
You just have to be here.
You just have to begin.

In a disguise,

Open yer eyes,
You've shown me kindness.
Track Name: Puncturing Beliefs
The earth underneath
laughs up at my feet
on the lawn.

The belief systems have all been punctured.
Cartoons never caught my eye.
Even when I was a little guy.

Always craved the
hard facts.
Found them to be
quite fantastic.

My up seems to naturally be your down.
Opposites may not always attract.
With your help I think we’re puncturing beliefs,
my friend.
Track Name: Delusion Of Security
Came to see you again and you’ve gone and changed.
Maybe I've stayed the same, nobody’s to blame.
I used to turn you on, now I’m on my knees.
The things we used to dig, now leave you ill at ease.

Growing apart,
Now we’re back to the start.
And love reaches an end.
Now we are supposedly friends.

I think for some, true love to be an illusion of security.
When you try preserving baked goods like that be careful because we’ll freeze.
I look around and don’t believe it when they tell me,
That love is still the answer in the 21 Century.

And I still want it to be.
Track Name: Love As Sport
He said, “And what do you do just for you?”
She said, “Well grow old and laugh at time.”

He said, "Aww, yer just a late bloomer. Honey yer just damaged goods.”
She said “That’s all right. It makes life worthwhile, taking my time,
besides loneliness is a friend of mine.”

Before she hung up he said, “…well baby, I’ll leave the ball in yer court.”

She shrugged and laughed,

Love as sport.
Track Name: Okay To Knock?
Turn me away.
I came just to say hello.
Unannounced I know.

Old fashioned surprise,
that old fashioned way.
Today electric jot notes come through my phone,
and the cordless mail wont leave me alone.
It was okay,
Seeing your face,
ceasing the day.
You are still you.
I am still me.
Still trying to cut through,
cant you see?

Now I don’t mind,
if you haven’t the time of day.
But if lets say,
I was just passing by
some other day
Would it still be okay to knock?
Track Name: The Obstacle Box
In between me and my goals,
me and the act of setting out.
There is a box behind my eyes.
In that box are obstacles.

The obstacle box is a filtering system,
made up of many different slides of tones.
And each tone is a visual voice.
A visual voice from the past.

A mother, a friend, a lover, a foe, words of worry that I’ve known.

The box can’t be removed from its place.
The box cannot be broken either.
I’ve become aware of its existence.
It is a veil that shall be lifted.

There’s no real way over or around,
all of those things we ought ‘a face.
Eventually you will cut through.
You after all will always be you.

A mother, a friend, a lover, a foe, a curtain of worry E, I, O
A mother, a friend, a lover, a foe, ray of doubt from a U.F.O

The obstacle of self-consciousness,
tall enough to scrape the sky.
Track Name: Unatoned
Waiting with the phone.
Do I hear you on the line?
A voice without a tone,
I wish you could say hello.

Wipe cobwebs from the wall.
Frost begins to fall.
Summer ages on,
and I didn’t hear from you at all.

As we carried on,
I know that you’ve pushed on.
Memory lingers on.

Never said a word.
So silly, stupid, scared.
The two of us, so shy.
Couldn’t figure out why.

Never had the grace,
to look you in the face.
Ashamed of how I felt.
I never figure this out.

As we carried on,
I know that you’ve pushed on.
Memory lingers on.
Can you know I will really miss you?
Track Name: The Deep End
Now that you are
somewhat successful,
have you still the time
to be the warmth in your lovers arms?
Depending on,
a gentleness obscene to some.

Eating the peach.
Poison tastes just as sweet,
while it waits beneath the honey.
With a gentleness that seems obscene.

The lonely end of the work force,
in all its vibrancy.
Track Name: All The Pretty People
All the pretty people,
buzzing around me.
All the pretty people,
with somewhere else they've got to be.

It shows in their eyes,
the joy of life,
tugging at their sleeve.
All the pretty people,
what are you trying to be?

All of those who pose,
stepping over me.
All of the want to be's,
Is it them or is it me?

We wanna get high on some lift in status
parading beliefs as natural facts.
All The Pretty People,
is that a smile or a scream?
All the Pretty People,
just how pretty must you be?
Track Name: The Olive Branch
She still had ways of pointing the finger.
She still had thoughts of pulling the trigger.
Longing for some special sort of attention.
Clawing away at the ache of the embedded sliver.

I should not have tried playing your saviour.
It only made for strange behaviour.
Now every seat is simply just a lonely seat
no matter who I find sitting next to me.

If I offered you your pick at an olive branch,
Would you waste time finding fault within the chance.
On your great escape I only sensed denial.
If yer not satisfied then why not change yer style.

I used to remain blind to my smothering ways.
That I was doing the pushing away.
Disgrace as I find,
that it is possible to kill while being kind.

It makes no difference just how much that one gives,
when the messenger expects something to win.
And roses raining the stage add to no amount.
When the curtains drop and the house lights have gone out.
Track Name: <3<3
Observe all that you’ve found.
Speak about the colour of sound.
Taking part in what’s going ‘round.

Open yer eyes,
You’ve shown me kindness.